Have you had AIB Loans, Mortgages or Credit Cards within the last 6 years?



If so you may have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and you could be entitled to thousands of Euros in compensation.

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AIB PPI Claims

If you have taken out Payment Protection Insurance on a Loan, Mortgage or Credit Card you might be entitled to thousands in compensation. AIB are currently under investigation from the Central Bank in relation to Payment Protection Insurance. The Central Bank have ordered that AIB carry out a detailed internal investigation to uncover mis-sold PPI policies. This is good news for consumers as those who have been mis-sold AIB PPI policies can expect to be compensated. This review however is expected to take AIB one year to complete. This is a considerable length of time for consumers to wait and that is why we can assist you right now. If you believe you have been mis-sold an Allied Irish Bank PPI policy via a branch or AIB Online we can investigate your case right now. Once you contact us we can carry out a detailed investigation and process your claim immediately. If we take on your case all you have to do is sign, date and return the claims pack we send you and then we will deal with everything else. We handle all communication with your lender and will process your claim from start to finish.

Can you answer YES to any of the following?

  • Were you told by Allied Irish Bank that PPI was compulsory?
  • Were you sold PPI by AIB whilst self employed or unemployed?
  • Did you feel pressurised by Allied Irish Bank into taking PPI?
  • Did AIB advise you that pre existing medical conditions would not be covered?
  • Were you sold an AIB PPI policy when you had just started a new job?
  • Did you discover that you were paying AIB PPI without knowing you had it?
  • Were you forced to take PPI whilst on AIB Online Banking?
  • Did the Allied Irish Bank fail to explain the full costs of the PPI policy?
  • Did you take out PPI whilst on AIB Online Banking without knowing what it was?
  • Did AIB sell you a PPI policy whilst you were working part time or on contract?
  • Did AIB fail to explain the relevant exclusions in the policy to you?
  • Did you have a claim rejected on your AIB PPI policy for something you were told would be covered?
  • Were you charged upfront for this Allied Irish Bank PPI policy?

If so you might be entitled to THOUSANDS in compensation. Star your claim Now!

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How We Can Help You

  • Once you have contacted us we will provide you with a free no obligation review of your case. We will use our expertise to determine if your Allied Irish Bank PPI policy was mis-sold to you.
  • If we discover that you were mis-sold PPI by AIB Ireland or AIB Online we can take on your case without charging you any upfront fees or charges.
  • We were the first company in Ireland to offer a no win no fee ppi reclaims service and we can offer this to you also. This gives you peace of mind when processing your Allied Irish Bank PPI Claim with Finance Claims.

AIB & Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Claims

In April of 2012 Allied Irish Bank (AIB) admitted that they had a “breakdown in its verification systems”. As a result of this AIB agreed to refund €3.1million in payment protection insurance premiums to 11,500 customers. These refunds from AIB were not in relation to mis-sold payment protection insurance but as a result of internal computing errors. At this time however AIB were under investigation from the Central Bank in relation to the mis-selling of PPI policies so this issue brought some much needed press coverage to this issue. In October of 2012 the Central Bank announced that it had ordered AIB along with other lenders to carry out internal investigations into the mis-selling of PPI policies since 2007. This announcement was a clear indication that the Central Bank was not happy with the ppi selling practises of AIB and other lenders in Ireland. Allied Irish Bank sold PPI alongside loans, mortgages and Credit Cards. This means that AIB may have mis-sold PPI to consumers who did not want, ask for or need PPI. If you have taken out credit with AIB in a branch or using AIB Online facilities it is vitally important that you check if you were sold PPI. You might have an Allied Irish Bank PPI policy which was mis-sold to you and in that eventuality we can help you reclaim the premiums you have paid plus interest. Customers of AIB Banking may currently be paying for an insurance policy which they did not need or in some cases which will not cover them. Whether you have AIB Credit Cards, AIB Loans or AIB Mortgages you should have been asked various questions in advance of taking the PPI policy to ensure that you were eligible and that it suited your needs. If you have take out credit with AIB Branches or using AIB Online you might have been mis-sold this costly insurance.


Our AIB PPI Claims Service

If you believe that you have been mis-sold PPI by Allied Irish Bank we can help. We provide all our customers with a FREE no obligation review of their case to first ensure that they have been wrongfully sold this insurance. If we discover a mis-sold AIB PPI policy we can take on your claim using our No Win No Fee claims service which has no upfront fees or charges. When we process your claim we will look for a full refund of all premiums paid plus interest. Whether you were sold this ppi policy via a branch or AIB Online we can help. Contact us now for a free no obligation review and let our advisors assist you in reclaiming Mis Sold AIB Payment Protection Insurance.

About Finance Claims

Finance Claims was the first claims management company in Ireland to offer consumers a No Win No Fee PPI Claims service with no upfront costs or charges. By offering this type of service we have been able to convey our professionalism and commitment to this market whilst also offering our clients peace of mind. We have been offering a PPI Claims service since 2010 since then we have reclaimed tens of thousands of Euros for our clients. Not only have we traded in this industry for years but during this time we have been actively involved in bringing much needed attention to this industry through press and radio. We are committed to ensuring consumers who have been mis-sold PPI by AIB and other lenders are compensated accordingly. If you feel you have been mis-sold PPI by AIB contact us now for a no obligation review of your case. You could be entitled to thousands of Euros in compensation! Join the thousands of consumers processing AIB PPI Claims and don;t leave your lender keep onto money which is rightfully yours!

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You May be Entitled to Compensation if…

  • You were told PPI was compulsory
  • You were self-employed when sold PPI
  • You discovered PPI without requesting it
  • You were pressurised into taking PPI
  • You were sold PPI when you started a new job
  • The T&Cs of the PPI were not explained to you
  • The exclusions of the PPI were not explained
  • Your medical history wasn’t asked when sold PPI
  • You were working part-time/contract when sold PPI
  • You were sold PPI without needing it